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Be like Elsa and Let it GO…

Temptation is that as a leader you want to do everything, have fingers in all the pies or burden the total company responsibility on your shoulders, because that’s what leaders should do… isn’t it? But can you really sustain this? How much could be achieved if you were able to let go?

If you feel this is you then really you can either live with it; leave it; or change it…

Let it Go Phrase from Frozen
Be Like Elsa and Let it Go

If change is your preference then consider two things:

How much time can you realistic give to your business?

AND How can you effectively and efficiently get all the things that lead to growth completed in that limited time?

One of my old bosses once shared that he has a way of working that allows him to ensure that the important things are achieved. Simply put, he only ever had a handful of projects which he could allow himself to be completely immersed and lead on, beyond that he had to trust and rely on his leadership team to ensure that all of the most important things were achieved. He ensured he had a team of people who he know would be better than him and would prefer to do the things that he had less time, energy and motivation for.

The latter is something I come across with lots of small businesses. Whilst, the business was founded or started on a great idea, a passion or the ability to create value, as it grew there were other things that needed doing which the founder just doesn’t have the motivation, skills or time to do or do as well as they would like. For growth to really happen these were still a necessity.

So how can you let go? When do you seek support either from systemising, automating or bringing in the right expertise to help? This is a question which will be based on when can you afford to? And on the flip side when can you afford NOT TO.

My advice is to absolutely be focused on the few things that will gain you growth, work out what you are good at and like doing and anything that you cannot do well or have no desire to do then look for other ways to get it done. Bring in people who can do the other stuff better than you, who can take accountability and deliver for you. Stop those little things creeping up on you and taking your time and focus away from the important stuff – write them down and solve them later.

There is only one of you. You are unique. But you need to ensure that the time you have is used wisely and to best effect. For the rest of the stuff let it go, let it go , let it go ….


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