Give yourself a Gift this Christmas ...

... Time is your most precious asset and here's why: Here is a conversation I have heard a few times (Paraphrased of course …) “I only have limited amount of time which is split between running my business and everything else in my life, my partner, my children, my wider family and oh yes myself. Everybody wants something from me either inside or outside my business. All the decisions and responsibility rest on my shoulders. Who else is going to make this happen? So, I can’t even get the time to stop and think about where this business could be or how I am going to get there? Having that time would be nice, but I just can’t afford to …” Does that sound familiar? If it does then in the sp

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The blog from the team at BREAD is here to share our good news, stories and interesting features.  All of them intended to keep you updated with the world of  the business coach, business mentor, and strategic consultancy that delivers growth

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