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Strategy and Planning - Sleeves rolled up support from Business Bread

Knowing that someone is with you for the journey, someone that can challenge you and push you further can be a real plus.

Having an extra brain and pair of hands that will help you plan your long term growth and work with you to achieve it, is what our strategy and planning offer is all about. By committing one of our specialists to understanding your business, working with you as part of your management team and ensuring you challenge and stretch yourself and your business, means you get a long term support for the right level of investment.

We will match you up with someone to work with you and get their hands dirty on a longer term basis as a part time member of your team.  Someone with expertise that can help by being part of your management team or board, manage or direct projects, develop or improve business functions or initiatives.  


At BREAD our philosophy is different from other consultants in that we know we need to get our sleeves rolled up and help businesses solve some of the challenges they face, but also ensure that they can develop the required skills and expertise to sustain this effort and become less reliant on outside support. It's almost like we want to do ourselves out of work..... but we believe it's the right thing to do.


The best part is that this expertise and support comes on a part time basis, as we know that it is not required or at times affordable on a full time basis. 

Call us to discuss your challenges and see how we can help.

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