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Coaching and Mentoring - Getting the most from your business starts with you ...



"guiding you to overcome your challenges and improve your own performance" 

Let us explore the challenges you face and current situation, establish goals, look at the realistic circumstances that you will be under, identify the options and selecting the best solution for you to follow up.  But none of this works unless you own the challenge and have the willingness to change and pursue your chosen option.

The process starts with a 90 minutes Chemistry session - making sure we are a good fit and can work together.  Coaching sessions can become involved and revealing and you need to feel comfortable that we can work together.

Then either as a range of one off bookings or a 6 or 9 session booking we can start to work through your professional and performance challenges together.

All of our coaches are experienced coaches having worked with other senior professionals to improve performance.



"Shared experience and skills and working through challenges together" 

Our MENTORING programmes, offer a different perspective.  Based on the specific challenge you face we can align a mentor to work alongside you and share their own experiences and help solve problems together.  Mentoring is still about your challenges but allows you to share the burden more and utilise external skills and experiences to enhance your own capabilities.

These programmes can be booked by the hour or for a series of meetings, for better value and we recommend a series of 6 sessions in order to fully explore your options and solutions.

Booking could not be simpler:

Jo, Senior Manager NHS

Through focussed coaching I have had lots of great questions asked and resulted in me taking actions to progress the things that really matter.

Liz, Owner Course4Parents

Its those little golden nuggets that you get from the Mentor from Bread that

really make a difference.


The 1-on-1 support and guidance that you just don’t get anywhere else when you’re self employed. It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off, help break down your goals into manageable steps and really relate to your struggles on a personal level.

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