Who are They? and why do They matter?....

My mum always comes out with phrases like "they say you shouldn't ...." (I am not going to finish this off as she reads my blogs!). However, it is not just my mum that makes references to they, friends, colleagues and leaders around me have always done this. It has made me wonder who they are and why is it so important for my mum and others to listen blindly to what others say either for themselves or their business. We trusted our leaders and people in authority... It used to be that people trusted the advice and listened to those in positions of authority. Politicians, leaders, managers and even parents.... But, times have changed! The availability of information and connectivity now m

It's lonely at the top!

It’s interesting, when you first start a job or create a new business you have all of the enthusiasm and ideas to develop and create something special. As things progress beyond launch or start date and you start to settle into your new venture you begin to realise how much there is to do and how much of these decisions you are actually responsible for. Whilst with a good team around you and the right level of leadership skills you can delegate and bring in specialists to help, it always seems that the decisions, challenges and difficult things always come back to you - it is after all your business. This is when running a business can feel very lonely. This is something that in my own car

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