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How Bread can help your business GROW

Coaching and Mentoring

Sometimes it can feel lonely when you run your own business.  You may feel you can't share your worries or concerns at work or at home or that when you do everyone becomes an expert.  You may be getting lots of answers from people - colleagues, family, friends, and peers -  regardless of whether they really understand the questions or challenges you face.

Our COACHING & MENTORING programmes are designed to support you to find the answers which are right for you and your business.  

Delivering change together

There are always those things that need your time, attention and focus that you put to the back of the queue.  The projects generally are the ones that you may have little experience of or are ​looking for motivation to make a priority.

At Bread we can offer resources and experience that will work with you to deliver and ensure that you are not missing out on opportunities to makes things alittle easier or better and support you business growth 

Strategy and planning as longer term part of your team

Knowing that someone is with you for the journey that can challenge you and push you further can be a real plus.

Having an extra brain and pair of hands that will help you plan your long term growth and work with you to achieve it, is what our strategy and planning offer is all about.

We will match you up with someone to work with and get their hands dirty on a longer term basis as a part time member but full time contributor of your team.

Courses 4 Parents

Having someone give you golden nuggets and enabling you to get things done takes away the pressure of having to be the expert in everything” 

—  Elizabeth, Founder and Owner

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