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Businee Bread | Supporting Inidivudal and business growth no matter what industry

about BREAD

Here at Bread, we have a passion to help businesses grow.  We have years of individual and collective experience to work with business owners and their teams to improve what people and businesses can achieve.

Started by our founder, Rob Grant, BREAD is focussed on some very simple principles:


Chemistry makes the ingredients work:  Business is a people game.  We provide expert professionals, but with a real personal touch. 


Understanding and sharing what works and does not work aids learning and development.  Business is not about mixing a few ingredients together and hoping for the best.

Its your business, your goals and your dreams - we know our place, but will want to challenge you to help you achieve what you set out to do.



Being somewhere to go for business owners to stretch what they do can really make a difference - its lonely running a business and sometimes having someone who can question challenge and support you really adds something special.

Coaching for performance provides the focus and drive whilst ownership is always with you and your business. Whilst, mentoring allows shared experiences to guide the development of your business faster and better than doing it on your own.

We know from experience that you cannot be expert in everything and employing staff to support you may not always be viable.  That is where working together, Bread can help lighten the load by bringing in expertise for a short period to get things done and in a way which enables you to continue focussing on your business and picking up new skills and expertise in the process.

Most importantly the relationships we want to be part of have a joint understanding and are personal.  That is the  best way to get things delivered.  For more on our services and some stories from other business owners click here

Business Bread| Individual approach to help business grow  - nothing off the shelf
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