How Selfish are you?

Yes you? Are you that person who is always conscious of being at the front? leading the business? setting the example? solving everyones problems? making sure everyone and everything is being done? and at time doing when it is not? That person who believes that this all comes before anything else as it is their own business and it just needs doing. that person who takes on all the work for the success of the business. If this sounds familiar let me suggest that whilst it feels like the right thing to do, there will be a time when your business and you are better served by just getting those around you to do their job. For you to assess the job that you should be doing and changing what you

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The blog from the team at BREAD is here to share our good news, stories and interesting features.  All of them intended to keep you updated with the world of  the business coach, business mentor, and strategic consultancy that delivers growth

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