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BUSINESS BREAD - Business Coaching and Mentoring Manchester

All the raising agents needed to grow your business

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Bread is a new kind of business support in Manchester.  It is about getting the right ingredients together, having a great recipe and knowing the right techniques to allow people, teams and business rise to their fullest and to grow. Great  executive coaching or business mentoring requires great questions.  That's where we always start.

We understand that running a business can feel isolated.  That sometimes it feels like you are doing this all alone and that you do not want to burden others at work or at home with your responsibilities and challenges.

We know that you have a passion for what you do. But equally, there are many critical elements to running a business that you know you should be doing but just lack the experience, expertise, desire and importantly time to make it top of your to do list.

If this sounds familiar then now is the time to find out more about how Bread can help you achieve more.  Find out more about who we are and why we love helping others achieve by clicking here.

Rob Grant | Owner | Business Bread

Fresh service options to support you and your business growth

Business Coaching and Mentoring

For those times when talking things through helps share the challenges, provides you with great guidance and questions to come up with great solutions

Sleeves Rolled Up Consultancy

Sometimes things need doing and you may not have the expertise, passion or time to complete them.  Thats where BREAD can help.

Part of the team

As a part of your team BREAD can help and support whilst getting our hands dirty to make change happen and share the challenge


Individual approach to growth
Passion, experience and collaboration

an individual approach to each business

Sometimes it is not just about what you know.  It requires great enthusiasm, passion and collaboration to make that change.  At Bread our approach is to work with each business owner and leader individually.  To build an understanding of the goals and success criteria and to work collaboratively to help your business grow.


Business will always be about people and their interactions and harnessing the skills and enthusiasm and adding some other extra ingredients will help focus your efforts to achieve more.  


Bread is based on these principles to ensure that every interaction is about you and your business.

Jump Start Your Business with a 

Coffee and a chat.

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